Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not a Shut In

 I have been saying that any weather over 30 is good for outside riding. It snowed yesterday and I was sure that I was in the Garage again. 
 Armed with my T6 suit and some bits of wool I headed out today sub 30.. Could not  ride indoors and with fenders on the Titus work could get done. 
Would love to ride in the sun but will take what I got today.. Inspired after watching two days of spring classic's. 
Sophia's bike is getting a make over.. My old Maverick and Tostin built front wheel. My Paul Love levers and some new bars.. If she is real good maybe some new Ergon's.                                       

Loving the fact that the roads are dry and some longer rides and some 
more intensity will be coming as March becomes reality.
Can't wait to feel dirt under my wheels and not the crap on the side of the road.

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