Saturday, February 05, 2011

Green and Gold

The Skis felt really good this morning sliding along in what seemed like a 
milk carton on the golf course. Hard to see definition in the snow with the low
cloud deck. Still nice doing laps and feeling the deep leg burn. 
Wanted to get out on the road this morning but the temps were not
coming up as fast as I wanted.
Spent sometime this afternoon doing a early spring clean of the 
garage making way for good things to come. 
The new Spot is on it's way along with some
bits and pieces from 3T, San Marco, and Maverick.
Can't wait to get this new bike together so I can stare at pictures of
single track and dream about riding through the woods. 
Big day tomorrow hope that it ends well and if it 
does I think that the whole state should get a day off of work to celebrate. 
Go Pack GO!!


Dust said...

AAAAaaaah Yeah, you know what it is!

Matt said...

Hey, imagine that the Packers won! Pretty cool times....I was living in downtown St. Paul when the Twins won the Series in '91. Got a free day off from work to watch the parade.

DMC said...

As did I but work was called school