Friday, March 04, 2011


Once again we have dodged some pesky snow and
the roads are passable. I did spend the morning 
putting the final wax on the skis and get them ready for storage. 
IT is CyClinG time and the skis must go away,,,,,,at least for now.
Happy for the Race Blade fenders with wet pavement it is nice
to stay dry. Nice loop from the house that lets you get two smaller climbs and 
one good one. Felt good with the work that was done,,, the bike and are don't
feel like we are fighting one another. I do wounder about my higher end 
but work will be done on that. For now at least this weekend I just 
want to get out and log some miles and climb some hills.
Think that I may get over to Minnesota.. Nice for a change and I can 
remind people over there that the Packers Won The Superbowl.

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