Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nailing It

It is said that some day your the hammer and other days you are
the nails. Well yesterday I am pretty sure that I was the 
nails. A good gray and windy day here in the land of Gov Walker, yes I do think that he controlls
the weather too.
Goal was simple take the newly brought back to like Lemond out for a good 
hill work out ride. Well the the first part failed as the chain was not tight enough
and kept wanting to fall off. No big deal swung back home and got the Titus 
and another layer and headed out. So far no big deal up S nice sustained climb
up to to the ridge and the fierce North East wind that only wanted to push you backwards.
It was this way for a long while until I finally got the wind at my back. 
Needless to say almost home one hill left and I thought that the wind would 
be blocked by the bluff.. Wrong...Not Winning.....
Got home cold and shelled from the wind and cold still good work

and there was motivation laying on the door step.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Are you running magic gearing on the Lemond? ENO brings it's own set of problems, but I've never dropped a chain with it.