Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunny side

 Winter decided to make a come back and that came after two inches of rain. The rivers are ready to burst their banks. Some of the smaller ones are at their limit. 
Only plus was that the roads metaled out pretty quick. I was able to get out for an hour at or about Threshold and felt pretty,,,numbers were a bit off my sender may not be working right.
 Five weeks out from the first test, working on getting the final parts need to make my Spot a geared ride. Hoping that the work that I have been putting in has been enough hard to dig through the cob webs in my head.. Work has me all flustered do to lack of work, not sure what to make of it. 
Going to make my Dark Heart shine. If Zappa had Captain Beef Heart I am Captain Dark Heart.. Don't fool your self Girl it is winking at you. 
More miles more work more time in the saddle and all should mesh together. 

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