Saturday, March 19, 2011

Light in to Ahses

Sunshine on my shoulder felt so good today.
And with the roads being as clean as they have been I opted for 
the Gunnar. The past two and a half months 
I have been out on my two Aluminum bikes and the feel of sweet steel was 
just what the body ordered. I did have to fight through some Achilles pain but the 
smooth ride of my Driven components OX Platinum melted the pain away. 
At the bottom of the Tschumper a mind altering Dark Star came on the player
and moved me up the hill, finished it off with Mudhoney loosing their mind digging a hole.
Love that hill. 
Got on to some Dirt roads and made me feel like these guys   
as I splatted mud all over my clean bike.. I was all smiles. 
Good work and good riding,, rain on the way for tomorrow, if I make it 
out it is going to be sloppy.. I hate having to clean more than one bike at a time 
but wheels need to roll..

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