Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stop,,,,,,,, Turnover

The days are getting warmer even with the bitchass cold mornings.
Today was going to be the first TNWC ride for me in a long time. 
Sun was out and temps were on the rise. 
Got off work a bit earlier than I expected and was going to have to sit and 
wait which is some thing that i am not good at ,,,,I am not Ian Mackaye.
So I opted for one of my favorite loops from the house. Felt good today 
the Achilles was not hurting and was able to muster the LT ride that 
I needed.  Feel as if things are coming along would like to test 
my legs out in a group setting soon,, but until then I'll just 
keep it same as it ever was.
Got home to find a care package from

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