Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sure Bet Cha

Goals have been made and steps have been made to archive them. Ended out the week getting out with some of the guys from work. 55+ in temps and my first ride on a geared road bike outside this season. Rode on the Lemond as it is the good spring tool.,,.,.It works but I love the Gunner more ,,the Roadie feels so much faster and listens when I say go. Did not ride as far as I would have like but time on a sunday can be tight. We rode to parks rode to swim practice we rode a lot it was great. Shop was good and busy lots of bikes went out the door and lots of happy people that spring is sprunging. After a great ride in to work and home I picked up the kid and we knocked out a good 20 mile spin. A grumpy face she but she is going and getting faster. Just needs to stop be a whiner. Monday is coming and coming with 60+ temps that is going to be good. Need to stick to my plan. Things are coming. Am I going to be ready? We'll see.

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