Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4 Leaf Clover

Riding in with the boy was a blast it had been a long time since we got to do so. He was tough, even though he decided to wear shorts and it was only 38 outside. He did whimper a bit when we got to school from being cold but toughened up when the other kids wanted to talk about his bike. Speaking of bikes holy shit the shop was crazy. Shit bikes crap bikes and even some good ones in for repair. Stuff left in barns under decks in bike racks all winter long. All needed help and lots of it. IT was all enough to make the mechanics shiver with fear. Good to see the world getting outside and nice to not have to wear so many layers. We filled out the paper work yesterday to become a Spot dealer, so now I can say that I ride something that the shop sells,,,just need to sell one. Good Luck Go Fast and Drink a Beer for all of the Fallen Irishmen.