Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bike Practice

As I sit here and make my rocket fuel I think about the week ahead. With 15 hours last week this one is looking grim for outside riding, and the rollers are laughing at me from the garage. I know what needs to be done. Only 2 weeks until the H8TER and I want to be good and read. Now the big thing is that this weather does not wreak havoc on the crushed limestone. We'll see what happens everything seems better with rocket fuel in you. MMMM Coffee is good. Found a photo of my self after aid station 4 in the 5-0,,this was the start of the climb up to hobo camp the bacon and beer aid station. i looked tired but had a bit of excitement in my face knowing that this was the last big effort of the day. Ready for more more more mountain biking.

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