Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Everywhere is Nowhere

Back after it this morning with the temps onth eup swing I did not have to wear as many layers. The ride was great out to what used to be the country,,,,,now just a bunch of overpriced homes for yuppies. Up some big hills down some others and back up again. Felt good to fight the wind and steep hills. Things are moving, fork came back from Maverick, Thanks to Ethan and the boys now the Spot can get back together. Scotty Don't swong in and is letting me use one of his sample sights so morning rides can take place in the low light. SkS is sending over a set of fenders for me to try out on the road bikes, to stay dry and clean. Just a few more pices of the puzzle and things will be all done. One more coming for sure this week Look is setting me up with a pair of Quartz Pedals for my Spot we'll see how they ride I have been on Time since 2000. Lets do this bike riding thing so much fun and good for you to.... Get get on It ...

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