Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heavens Hill

Less has been better, less layers that is. Not having on 3 or 4 layers is sweet, the temps are all over the place, and lots of wind, it spring I'll take what I can get. I got dinner going last night and headed out for a bit of pain work. Goal was intervals and when it comes to those I am awful have a hard time doing them outside. So I found a big hill by the house ( CTY S) and did 3 9.5 min hill climbs. Great hill for this a bit over a mile and average 11%. This made me hungry so home I went to a big spin salad with roasted potatoes and grilled chicken. I Like Food. Another new addition to the bike for me this year is going to be Magura Brakes. This will be my first foray in to Hydro Brakes, can't wait. All the feed back that i have heard is that they are super light and have great stopping power. It's hump day,lets get through to the other side and bring on the weekend.

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