Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hate is Good

Well with the H8TER done I now know what i was getting into. The word was unfinished trail and I found out what that was. With a rolling start and then a Go we were off on a pave trail then on to what someday will be a trial ,,,over grown maybe single track. After about 6ish miles of that we were on to the crushed lime stone. Tires were blowing left and right, I just kept my head down and hoped for help. And that came in a good group with one power full single rider. We worked well together down and through the tunnel, which was great once my light turned on. At the turn we were only 2 minutes down off the leaders, and now need to work well together so the wind did not destroy us. With a short pave climb over the tunnel and then back to limestone. Lots of long pulls wanting and trying to save some for the unfinished. Well after along pull on the weed trail I got gaped fought like a MF'ER to back on. I did it was great the group was all back together, until I messed up and rode into a small ditch. I could not get back on had to stop twice for traffic and a stop light or two ...ended up rolling in behind the group seconds in tow. Great race and good ride happy with 9th I know what I need to work on the work that has been done is working. Thanks to the family for coming along and to John for have the event.. Now let go ride Mountain Bikes!!