Sunday, April 05, 2009

Whats Going ON

First off I want to say that this is my personal Site and it has no affiliation with my place of employment. It has come to my knowledge that some in the area have been offended by my words, and have not come in to the Dream Factory because they believe me to be a arrogant bike snob. They are just words yes some times I may rant and rave about subcultures in the cycling world. If you don't like it don't read or call me out lets turn it in to dialogue. Come on we are all two wheeled freaks!!! And if you really don't like what comes out of me don't read,,,,,,,,For the most part I figure that this is pretty boring because it just about me and my life on a bike!!! Ok enough of that, Yesterday the boy got to try out some bigger wheels,, he did good and was able to move so much quicker. I helped out EpU at the Bike rodeo and the Rock showed up with his cousins. Lots of kids on lots of bike great to see people out and about even with the impending snow storm. Been an up and down week good rides low volume high tempo. Need to make sure that I can hold up to 100K next saturday in the H8ter. We'll see the next thing on the list is getting a set of 28mm tires. We'll have to see how every thing comes together this week. Stay warm and Ride Fast.

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