Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jogging in Iowa

Went to a bike race and ended up jogging for a while. The little Iowa town puts on a dirt TT every spring and Sophia and i decided to give it a shot. With the weather that we have been having lately we knew that it was going to be sloppy. I just did not plan to have to run the side and down hills. I was ready to run up some of the hills but the trails were worked by the time I hit the course. I went about 50ish so they were torn up and the last 1.5 was an off camber down side hill that was two weeks old. Sloppy,, my back wheel stopped rolling at one point, and my bike weighed a good 10 lbs more. Good early season work more coming with the local crit on sunday, need to rest and get back to the pain train. Next Mtb race on May 17th... Need to be ready.


h2o Racer said...

Yeah, Sorry I missed the race. Actually I am pretty happy I missed the race, but I am a sally when it comes to XC mud races with wheels that feel square. Good job for attending.

Glenn said...

Yikes, that was a nasty course. I felt like I was on a scooter rather than a bike because I couldn't pedal, just kind of slid around.

I liked the part where your bar-end got stuck under the tree roots.