Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big wheels go RoUnD

The road going up to the Quarry wanted to make it's bitch this morning but i did not let it. Front door to single track 30 minutes and only 3 miles of pave. Great way to start a day, only bummer is going to work after riding the dirt is you are covered in dirt all day. So the shower that i just took was Glorious. Even had the token show beer along with it nice touch. Going to give the EmAG ride a go in the AM so that means riding the 5:30 train do what you can when you can. It has been a good week next test is 10 days away need to get more bike practice in. More time on the Spot is deffenatly what I want and need. Sleep tight morning come early, then some warm coffee some vitamin C a bowl for the dog,a bowl for the cat and a bowl for me...LETs Ride.


Dust said...

Good luck with the EMAGers. You'll do great. Watchout for Banjo!

h2o Racer said...

Drinking beer in the shower is a Rite of passage.