Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Night Single TrAcK

I decided against the TNWC Ride. With the wind blowing as hard as it was I wanted to go ride in the woods instead. After a hard 8 mile ride home in to one hell of a head wind I ran in the house and changed shoes and base layers and jumped on my Spot and I was gone. Now it was a huge tail wind to the bottom of the climb up to the Proving Grounds. The Road going up was a bitch tonight hard work to get up the hill. Once I was up to the top I ran into this Motley Crew. Rode with them for a good while until one of them waked out his wheel, I need to push on so I could get home. Good ride and a grate bit of dirt riding made my legs good and tired. When I got home I made dinner which was a big Spinach salad with garbanzo beans and topped with some nice grilled Beef... MMMMMMMM food is good only problem is I am still hungry always hungry. Need more food.

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