Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nice little Saturday

After another busy day at the Dream Factory I was happy to make it home. Waiting for me was a nice size package from T6. This worked well in to my plan seeing that the Girl and I were going to go ride the HPT's and get some dirt under our tires. The new kit from the boys in the 612 felt awesome and I was down with the all black Johnny Cash look. Off to the trails me and #1 went riding strong into the wind and knowing that the big bitch of a climb was coming . Now this climb can turn a person from happy to pissy quick not me I know the benefits of the climb, but to a 14 year old cyclist watch out. The Force flows strong in the youngling and she needs to learn to channel her anger because she destroyed the climb and the next 6or 7 that followed. Good ride all in all just great to be on dirt and great to see Sophia riding her new bike so well. Speaking of new bikes it sounds as if the Big Boss, wants to put a MAdone 5.2 under me so when I am doing group rides people can see me on bike from the shop. That should be intersting I will still ride and love the Gunnar but now I will have more options when I comes to what to ride. Well as this week comes to an end and the next is around the cornor it is time to get ready for the next test which is a week away. A dirt TT down in IOWA, should be good don't know the trails but will learn them as I rool along. Have fun stay dry if yo live out west get out the sholvles and most imporant GO RIDE A BIKE. And watch out for this guy.^^^^^^^^

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Matt said...

Glad to see you guys are getting lotsa dirt now too. We got spared from the snowstorm....damn near everywhere else got dumped on - even down south in NM, and we were spared. Nice. ;-)