Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Willy Nelson

Back out on the road this afternoon, with the back way home. Good push and good movement, legs felt good after a day off. I think that it is time to switch things up and get the Lemond out for a bit. The Gunnar is going to be rolling again soon just waiting on the front shifter from David. After a long time of not riding what the shop sell things have changed. At first I did have the Lemond but he got fired and it is now frowned upon, Lance is better or so I am told. But now we are a SPOT dealer at the Dream factory. So now we sell what I ride. First one is out the door and I hope to see many more to come. The Next to come in is the Longboard SS Belt. Again and again more weather coming, rolling with the punches, and making lemonade. What goes up must come down.

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h2o Racer said...

The Spot is getting more internet press than a night with Britney Spears... I'd take both.