Monday, May 31, 2010

3 Sheets to the Wind

Trails are healthy so healthy that it is hard to see in some places.
Not sure if this is rhubarb or some thing else.
A nice three day weekend and nothing but fat tires for me.
Lots of solo time on the trails getting ready for Afton.
Bike is riding good minus the small issues that I had this week.
I feel like something that resembles form is becoming to take
It has been a good block of work since the last race one more 
day of hard work then I can work on the final bits
like gear selection.
Wish I could light a fire under the kid she is bumming me out.
Can't get to her to get  that eye of the tiger no drive.. Loves
race day when things go well and all praise her
but wont do the work in between. And the excuse of her
being a teenager is a bunch of Shit.
We'll just have to see what hand gets played and 
how she handles it?
For the rest of you get out there make those wheels 
roll have fun and go FAST!!

1 comment:

Dust said...

Are you going to race on July 4th in Red Wing? I have a wedding on the 3rd in St. Paul and I was thinking that since I'll be up in that area maybe I should just go to that race and dominate.

Or, more realistically, ride and get lapped by your daughter.