Thursday, May 20, 2010

T6 saved my Day

I spent the day today
like most days driving my work van form one
broken POS to another POS.
Today was a bit different.. because all the radio around here is country 
or classic rock I flip between NPR and ESPN.
And this day all the talk was about cycling.
Not because it is one of the best things that you can do with with your clothes on. No
it was because some DouscheBag came out and said that after
years of telling the world that he was not a doper and that he was wronged
he was lying.
I remember watching him the day that he had to make up all the time after loosing so much the day
before. Followed the stories and court hearings and appeals trying to clear his name.
I wanted to believe that he was a good guy.
But now he has cast a dark cloud over the cycling world.
I don't care that he is trying to bring down others in the sport,
do i think that others are as guilty ,,,,,,Sure.....
Where my heart breaks is when the only press in the US that cycling 
gets is when it is bad press.
This a great sport full of great people, and as Coward said it is 
not the dirtiest sport on the planet.
Cycling has cleaned up and is cleaning up are their bad apples still in the bunch?
At least cycling bans riders when the break the rules unlike the NFL and Baseball.
Now yes they do get punished but  they can also Appeal and still play even though 
they have failed a test. Kevin and Pat Williams.

Ok enough that is it said my bit.
to me their is so much more good that cycling can do.
And I live it every day.
Can't get enough of it and 
when you come home and find this at Lunch .
Smiles tend to grow.
Big race this Saturday in MN
then the next some trail shredding with  the kid at Lebanon.
Get out ride your bike see new place.
Ride with Pride and Go Fast!!!

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