Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lance to the rescue

This morning was going great in the woods right up until the 
time that I got a flat.
Ok stop pull out the spare and wouldn't you know
that had a small tear in it.
So now I am walking out of the woods for the second time this week.
Use a phone at the trail head and Sophia and Grandma are going to 
run me up a tube and a pump....don't want to waste the CO2.
As I walk down the road to meet them I am passed and passed and passed.
The last Truck to go by has a stuperfly on it and I think to my self
that this is a small town and I bet i'll see this guy in the 
shop some day.
Next thing that I hear is the sound of the big truck coming up from behind.
It was Lance...Have not seen this guy in about a year,,,
had tube a air compressor and saved the day.
Had to get home for the big birthday party so the ride was not as long as first intended.
I did get a chance to rip my bike apart and look for the noise.
I think that  I found it. I was running a new pair of race face cranks that
wanted you to use pedal washers we'll the pedals were good and loose
do to the washers. I put last years pair of cranks back on their was nothing wrong with
the old ones I was just attracted to the new and shiny. Pulled the BB cups and greased them all up
got it back together and now it rolls like it should.
The kid and I are hitting the dirt in the morning and the weather is going to be unreal.
Now if there was only a swimming pool to go and jump in..

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