Monday, May 10, 2010

Give me convenience

Monday morning, a rush
to get moving and out the door with only one thing on my mind..
And it was not the start of the work week.
It was

Riding dirt to work is one of the best ways to start your 
Spinning circles in the early morning sunlight 
with all the smells of blossoms and
woodland creatures running around.
The pounding sound of Jello and Gibby yelling in 
my ears.
And Single track lots and lots of it.
The big issue is getting out of the house, the coffee
is warm the bed says that you have not used it long enough 
and time ends to slip away.
But it is all worth it for some ribbons in the woods.
This time of year if you keep your eyes open.
You get to see all kinds of good stuff, some hard to find and others 
all over the place.
Eight hours later and a bag that is empty because I 
ate all the food only one thing left to do.
Spin some more circles on the dirt that started 
my day.
Now I can sleep and dream about all the single 
track that I rode today.

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