Monday, May 03, 2010

One down

One Race weekend in the books.
After a short hard effort on saturday with
the TT it was time to get ready for the 
first installment of WORS.
Tom K, Sophia and I loaded the
29ers and headed east.
Sophia was off first and did well for her second ride of the year.
In total Hollywood fashion she hit the hole shot,
but form there worked here way back finishing 
14th overall and 2 in age group.
Good day for the kid I think that she now may want to 
ride more.
For me I got lined up in the third row, with no Idea what to expect.
I never looked over my shoulder to see what was there.
The report is that 107 guys were lined up for the Elite race.
At that sound of Don's Go we were off and their were a lot
of elbows and shoving for position. I manged to stay up
and keep contact with some of the fast guys.
First lap was all about sorting out the single and 
trying to make some gaps stick. I worked 
with who ever was there.
Lap two came and the pain in the legs from the day before had
drifted as I worked for a while with Ronsta and another SS racer.
By lap 3 the traffic from the Comp and Women started 
to stack up. From here on out it was a game of 
ON YOUR LEFT and trying to push the pace.
Came across the line in 1:48 
28th. I can take that for a starter,
wont see crowds like this again till the Subaru Cup.
Huge thanks to Magura, Spot, Kenda, Maverick, Nortwave  , T6,
and everyone else who is helping me keep the dream alive.


Matt said...

Nice work for the both of you!

devin said...

Thanks Matt it was a big kick in ass and i know what it is that must be worked on..
Hope the injury is not keeping yo down.