Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little wheels rolling

Slow day at the bike shop and the sun was shining.
Hpt was putting on a trail fest,
group rides and a BBQ.
I loaded up the car with bikes and took the kids on up. 
The James was all about riding some single track and that is what 
he did. He was all over the pump track and 
flying on the single. The first time that he tried this spring
to ride some of the mellow sections of trails he had to walk a bunch if not all.
Last night he was spinning and grinning, riding all but the down trees and logs.
Then it was time for some PbR's and Brats. I headed out for a quick 1/2 lap with some the 
boys beer in hand.
Towards the end of the lap we came across Pip and The James out on the single again,
having a blast.
Good fun and great to see the  kids both of them enjoying the 
two wheels and the single track.

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