Monday, August 02, 2010

Sometime to return

Buck Hill cue the Music one more time..
Short drive and good heat..
Sophia was off the front and killing it to 
bring home a win. Good job kid after a DNF last time out. 
Now for me this is only the 2nd time racing bikes at Buck..
The locals race here every Thursday and I am sure that some of them can race it with their eyes closed. The start is at the bottom of the hill in a sandbox up to a wood chip pile then to the single track. I took the grass line to the wood chips and got to the single in a good spot. 
Now pushing it to stay towards the sharp end. Did so for a bit but the recovery for the first
lap was a tough. Recovered and tried to hang with the Heath group but he gave one hell of 
Jay Richards Skinny Ski
a acceleration and put a gap in. By lap 4 I had been Caught by young Richards and jake Begley. They came through and I held on. Lap traffic was bad and passing became an issue again just like last year.
At time the congestion caused gaps to grow and shrink. 
Coming through on the last of six laps young Jake Richards caught a flat which was a shame cuz he was flying. I came through in 11th overall which was not a total let down. I need to find the switch to flip so I can go faster,,, I can feel it I know it is there just need to make it happen.
Huge Thanks go out to Ethan @ Maverick for keeping my fork up and running and 
the awesome support from Northwave and Magura/Uvex. When the bike is 
running well I have nothing to worry about.
And thanks to Nuun for hydrating me on a hot hot day. 
A the ones that put the clothes on my back TWIN SIX and Hollywood, as it is said 
Party ON!! 
Next the Boarder Battle? Not sure have to see on that one..

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