Monday, August 30, 2010

Eye AgaInst Eye

Worked the shop on saturday so not much
in the way of riding just a commute to the shop and for what it is worth
the legs were happy.
Got to ride dirt with Deyoe on sunday
thirty miles of single speed fun under hot october sky's.
Trying to keep my self in race 
mode if all things work I can be up in Maplelag.
Songs are playing in my head and the wheels are moving.
I have a new project bike in my closet.. Matt T from Durango 
sent me his old Titus Drop U and I am going to turn it in to the next single speed road machine.
Few parts needed my have some old Ultergra hubs built up.
Waiting to see what is going to be in the magic box from King.
Keep my PMA in Check.

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