Monday, August 23, 2010

Big ass Lake

Loaded up the family truckster and head up to the land of Dylan and Big Water.
Always kills me how fast the drive is from here in Lacrosse.
Anna and the double decker
Got to Duluth to find the camp site was water logged. After an hour of trying was able to make fire, and smoes were eaten.
Race day was a clear and sunny with cool temps.
Sent Sophia off on her race, up the fire road and she was gone.
I did not see her as she came in after I had finished.
She lead the whole race till the end got beat by a local gal they both fought hard.
It was a good race for the kid one race closer to the cat1 upgrade.
The Boy did two laps on the kids race and still needs to work
on shifting he had fun and gave a big fist pump as he crossed the line.
On the line for me looking up the the ski trail wondering what this was going to feel like.
As we charged no one wanted to take the lead out till Doug S hit it hard. The ski trail
hurt me it was soft and the guys with shifters were flying.
In to the single now I could sit in and start to move.
First lap made some moves and by lap two was chasing down two local guys in front of me.
After one of the big mud puddles starting the third lap I was able to get around 
the two that I was chasing.
Now I just worked on staying in front and being smooth.
Through the muddy run section for the last time got back on cyclocross 
style and pushed through the last bit of the lap.
The finish was ski trail again with mud puddles and some sketchy sections.
Finished in the park in under two hours and seventh overall.
Happy with the work. Good race only a few left.
Thanks to all for the help keeping me moving this season.

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