Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dirty Humpday

Chose to take the Spot out this morning and
ride dirt to work.
Great idea just required me to have my stuff together
so I could be out the door by 6:30.
Bike was good still a bit dirty and needs to be stripped down and deep cleaned
from the weekend.
Trails were perfect fast and tacky and the small block's
ripped through every turn.
I never have as much time to ride on the trails 
work always gets in the way.
I like the trails in the early AM because the sun shine lights up 
areas that  you may not always see.
Have the weekend off from racing do have to 
work at the shop but no travel or racing.
Should be able to ride some bikes and get the work done that 
needs to get done as the end of the season approaches.
Would like to stand on top again and think that 
if I try real hard that I may be able to do so.
Work Work Work.
Now I need sleep the belly is full Hump day is over
and I am tired.

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