Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not Sedona

Red rocks and the hog back not my fav but it was a nice hour of work to blow out my big city stress. Got to hang out at the Dean HQ. Saw some Wilys getting made and some Ti work being done. They have a Ti fork coming out that is going to use a White Brothers Crown.. Looks nice I can't wait till I get mine. Talked bikes and more bikes thinking about a new cross bike.. We'll see, only a week left..


Matt said...

Thats looks like a fun place to ride. Interesting spot for the extra tube - I tape mine to the seatpost. Good luck with the move.

devin said...

thanks man... moving is so much fun at least it is snowing in wisco now..Told john at dean/wily that you won the dtd on wily he was stoked..

Matt said...

Hey I can pretend to ride you like you at least once in a while.

Love the Wily - I'll be riding it at 12 hrs. of Mesa Verde too! ;-)