Friday, April 27, 2007


Moving can be such a bitch then on top of that throw in the fact that the Town Of Breckenridge and the forces of God her self were not going to make it easy. Today is friday and this is the day that the house was supposed to close on. It did not and for a few more days? The whole thing is riding on some good folks from wells fargo signing off on the fact that my neighbor gets 3 more feet of land.. The town deiced to pursuit this at the last minute and in turn fuck us over... That being said it was a fun uneventful drive. The only weird stuff happened in Kareny NE the guy at the front desk at the best western tried to get an extra 50$ out of anna when she checked in. Something about a 50 deposit on the room and it had to be in cash? I think that it was meth money. Anna got to go and check out her new work and sophia got to tour the school today. They are both happy about that. James and I rode the gears and trailer up to Trempealeau on the great river trail. This is a rails to trails project that runs along the Mississippi flat as a pancake but it is crushed limestone so between the surface and added weight of the boy it was good work lungs fell great and legs not so bad. I'll get out on the dirt tomorrow to test out the new fork. The twin six kit and gear should be here soon,, rocking the twin cities gear makes me fell like a kid again. First race one week from sunday in middle north wisco going to try to get to the point brewery fresh beer good//.. Be good everyone ride fast and stay safe....!!!!

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