Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I don't always understad macs haveing a hard time getting photos uploaded. went this morning for 2 hours of tempo still not felling well enouogh to do any interval work. This has to be by far teh worst cold tht I have ever had, I am at least better enough to drink beer. Felt gerat while riding today got some hills and a lot of speed. Road thrugh the little goast town that was used to film Rasing Arizoina. Highest point 2400 feet , the bigger climbs were futher down the road. Going to go up to flag tomorrow and going to ride MTBs. I hope to have geat picts and some of the coconino work shop..

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Matt said...

Ahhh...doncha just love to read the posts you write when drinking beer? Would make my H.S. englich teacher proud! Get well and heal up from that cold!