Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Some photos of my trip up to Flag and two random that is the goast town where the show down with the crazy biker happens. Short day today legs flet good but my back is a little jacked from going over the bars yesterday. That is one thing you don't hear about 9er's the distance to the ground when you do flip over the bars. I was lucky and did not land on any of the rocks that made me tip. Oh well me and the bike are ok just a little sore. The trip is going to end soon one more day here then on saturday we start our way back. One night in Moab and then back to Summit, it would be nice if it is warm when we get home. We did get some good news about the move today and that is we got the house that is in the bluffs and down the street from Grandma and Grandpa. beer to drink..........

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Matt said...

Awesome pictures! Is the shot of the Wily on Sunset or Little Bear? Man I love Flag - we ride there a lot throughout the year and usually spend the night there when travelling out to CA.

Looks like a great vacation! I'm interested in seeing all those Wisconsin pics later this year as well.