Sunday, April 01, 2007

missed it by that much

Well i was able to controll the sick just enough to make it to this mornings start. 10 guys on the line all tan and looking strong. We got the first start of the day,8:01 and we were off good pace to start and you could watch the breaks form. 2 off the front with the rest of us chaseing. I managed to keep my self from puking which ws nice, that has only happend once in a race last year. Fist lap went well with a 45min lap time and same with the second, third lap slowed a bit but mainly because the expert riders don't know how to pass they say on your left and dont pass with speed they soft pedal and expect you to slow for them .. Bull ShIt. I missed my goal lof 2:15 by 5 mins and miss the podium by 40 seconds not bad for a sick guy. I was the only on asingle that was not from AZ or so cal the winnin gtime was 2:10 4th was 2:16 so I was in the mix sick just suck. Now it is time to start riding the road bike and get some more mtb.. riding damm my bike rode sweet.... Photos to come the girl and I are going to watch the pros race later..

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