Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dirty dirt

Just thinking back to last week, here are some more photos of our trip, dam it was nice to be warm.. 2 weeks left until we get our move on. Well it is winter again so I am getting some good rest yes I would love to be on the bike but last week is helping with the lack of dry right now. The boss man got his Spot frame today he is excited about get the 9er's rolling. New tires on the way and should have the new front wheel built so I can go with the carbon fork and ride with out squish for awhile.


Matt said...

Ok, is that Soveirgn Trail in those forst 2 pics?

And wtf with thoe 4 forks in the garage picture? Are you riding rigid so darn hard you need that many ina season? Sheezbot!

devin said...

yes that is the only single track in moab and the forks are all for bikes that steve garro is making I thought is was cool all the rigidness.