Monday, April 23, 2007

15 years

I have been riding bikes with this guy for 15 years, I convinced him in collage to get a mountain bike and that is where it started. Those two blaze orange Gary Fishers allowed us to see the world. Crazy times riding not know what our names were or where we were. After we both move here to breck the riding continued at one point and time he was the self proclaimed fastest rider in summit county. This lasted until he bought his dream bike a Elsworth ID. This bike became his down fall it had so many problems he stop riding now only his road bike gets love, and his ID and Vail Cycle Works just hangs in the spare room. Long story short it was nice that we got to get in one more ride before I leave summit. We have the moving truck and have signed the house over and now comes the fun of loading and driving the big fun is that we are going to get up to 20 inches of snow.. That should make things fun.. More to come so to be in wisco..

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Matt said...

Good luck on the move!