Sunday, February 08, 2009


Sunday,,,Ahh the sabbath a day that can go either way in my house.. Let me start by saying that any one who says that teenagers are a piece of cake should be take out back and beaten with bags of frozen veggies... That being said we were off on a good foot,,, after a brief trip to Toysareus,,,for james and my self to find some star wars toys we consumed lunch. Still realing from the is this really happening I took the girl out for a ride. Now she thought that it was just going to be the simple TT loop I changed things up because I could. Two small climbs and a bunch of rollers took just under two hours and 30 miles. She rode well bike needs lots of love but one bike at time. Show lots of promise and if could just out her mind to it this could be my new riding partner. The kicker is that she had about 1:15 of cool down then had to go to swim team ,,, They swim for 1:3o needless to say she was and is cooked. So all in all a good weekend of riding but weird to say glad to be going to work tomorrow. Shit that is weird...Just Weird.

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Matt said...

You have a calculus of life that no ordinary mathematician can solve. Multi-order partial differentiation with complex numbers my friend. Impressive to say the least.