Friday, February 06, 2009


Leave it to Stevil to help get my friday underway. Not much happening this morning had to be here early to let the trek guys in so they can show us all the cool things for the the mind of John Burk....... It is Friday and that means that my 12 straight day of work comes to an end.. Yes and even getting out at the lunch hour so that means skiing in the mid day sun.. AND then drinking beer.. Sounds like a good afternoon... Sophia's bike is going to be here so she may be motivated soon to ride. She is doing a report on LA and says that reading about him is making her want to ride bikes even more...I guess that is what he does for some people. My problem is That i like Lemond and have a hard time being a big fan of LA oh well who really cares... Bikes tomorrow single cross through the hills and valleys around the big old Missisippi that should be fun.... I think that it is time to drink some coffee,,,brought rocket fule black java with a dubble shout of esspresso,,,,,,,,makes me want to go fuckenbikeing........ Good day go fast and take chances.... Make it a Radtarded day...

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