Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Overnight temps were higher so getting out this morning was a bit easier than yesterday. I don't know if was a subconscious thing or what but I was dreaming about my grandpa's work shop last night a place that i have not been for over 15 years. Very vivid down to the baby food jars that he stored all of his nutz and bolts. I had planed to get out and do some repeats on Grandad's Bluff, so I don't know if the Grey matter in head was just running with the notion of grandpa's or what. Good time on the hill this morning even had some guy in full super suit try to drop me on the first pitch. I assume that he saw the fenders one gear and backpack and thought that he would attack. That did not last long. Just what i needed. More on tap, The Kid is going to do some tempo work and watch PURE SWEET HELL!


-jmk said...

so...i heard why you ride single! cool dude! whats next, tattoos?

devin said...

on tight pants then tats then things made of metal in my face.
i need to get the sequence right.