Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter again

I was asked if I wanted to going skiing today up at Levis, and my wanted response was yes but after being gone all day yesterday that would have been a hard sell. Need and want to go ski there from what i hear it is the shit,,, and they have 25+ miles of cat groomed skiing. So After a chat with Matt i went out and got after it like a 4 year old and a snack pack pudding. We go 4 inches of snow yesterday but the main roads were dry enough to spin. 18 degrees out with a good wind made for natural resistance. I am fired up need more want more the wheels spinning help keep the voices in my head quite. With the work week starting up again outside time was great. What is next might be more snow,, Will I can I ski one more Time? I want to play with one of those power tap things but not will to put the $$ down. Head is a spin after seeing so much cool stuff yesterday. Life calls and now time to wind down the grommets.

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Matt said...

Nice! Awesome effort there amigo.

You ever try clear packing tape on the inside of your helmet? I use it to close all the vents up front and the helmet looks normal.