Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pandora's Box

Overwhelmed from a long day on the road and talking bike stuff. JMK and my self drove to the cities to check out QBP's frostbike. Shitty roads for the drive with 4 inches of snow that fell over night. Trying to digest everything that was seen, got to put some faces to names David from Thompson, was a great one to finaly meat face to face, he has been a big help over the years with their sexy seat post and stems, and soon to be seat collars. Jeff from Ergon was there pushing the green goodness, and had a huge line of folks wanting to see what the buzz was about. Got to see a bunch of stuff and eat some food, and stay warm in the qbp compound. When we split we headed over to Freewheel bike to check out their new store that is set up for commuter and bike path hero's. Amazing what they have going on full service self service showers lockers, all available so people ride more and drive less. Then it was off to dinner at Chino Latino in uptown. I am a small town guy so this was like being in some strange movie with all kinds of glitzy people running around trying their hardest to look good. Not me though as I drank my PBR from a can. We ate with the Bike Masters crew from Omaha. Good dinner and good conversation. Some funny stories about life in the bike world, and the food was good I think that i am still full. Now back to coffee and watching bike racing, need to think about getting some miles in today, felling soft after a short unwanted break.

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