Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thin ICE

Another good morning out on the bike Except.... Well let me say stay off the state trails until they soften or melt totally. I thought it would be a good Idea to give them a try.. Well it was not, made it a bout 50 feet before i packed it in on the side of the trail. Lucky for me i found the soft snow on the shady part of the trail because it was some solid blue Ice,,, the bike must have slip another 20 feet when I went down. Picked my self up dusted my self off and pushed on, the rest of my ride was much more uneventful. Three times up granddads was my goal and it all worked out. I do have to say that the legs are a bit tired now, but as I put Coffee and food go in i am felling more rejuvenated.. Now More DU!!!


-jmk said...

what do you mean more DU?

devin said...

The bands name is Husker DU so more of them!?