Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Evil rides a TT bike

A bit wet on the way in just slop from splashing off my fenders on the way down bliss. Got a bit cold but was able to survive. I'll get more work done when the PM comes. Get to work and a huge delivery from Scotty Don't is here so i run up to get some shoes, and there is the Fucking Anti Christ Him Self. A devil with angle wings Jeff The shit Head Shultz, even though he quit and walked out he is being giving a chance to sell to our corporate accounts....which we have none of. A pile of shit with eyes who likes collective soul so he has to be good. Ok sorry for all the swearing just struck by the moment, I wont be nice and wont interact I invision when nazis opened the arc of the convent, and he is going to have his head melt off.. this is the asshole that coined that I have a Dark Heart.... Snow chances have been down graded more outside time on the way.

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