Monday, February 16, 2009

Craft is Warm

Simple loop on sunday, little climbing nothing to big, same loop that I took sophia on last sunday. I moved ok but kept felling wind wiped, not that breezy but enough and always in your face made it feel worse than it was. Lots of miles in the legs this week and I can feel it. So that is why this morning it will be just a simple commute and after supper I do some mild spinning on the rollers. I'll get back after it tomorrow before the snow comes, not enough to ski on just enough to make a mess of stuff. Could be worse I could be cold and wet in California yesterdays stage looked miserable. Crazy all the pro bike thefts, what are they doing with these bikes selling them and how are they not getting caught.? Time to get warm and put on some layers cold out and after three hours of trying to get warm yesterday not looking to be cold again.

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