Thursday, May 03, 2007


Took the big 26 foot truck and trailer back on wed. We had to drive an hour in to MN james had fun in the truck then the jiggling of the ride put him to sleep he went from singing to sleeping in seconds. We have been dealing with a bunch of bull shit with the new house we like the lay out of it and we fit nice it is just that the people who lived in here chain smoked so the place stinks and we have tried to clean and spray and clean but no luck. I am going to talk to the land lord today and tell him that we are not happy and if he can;t fix it we want out. as long as we don loose any money.. Anna had got home early from work so I got out on the road and it was a nice day. The body felt good not great but that will change did two trips up grand dads bluff which is a good climb 3+ miles with a steep grade at the bottom. More miles to go before i am where I want to be. Going to the park with the boy today, he is being so good now time to get him a two wheeler..

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Matt said...

Bummer on the cig smell. That can make your furniture and clothing smell as well.