Thursday, May 10, 2007


Sophia has been reading a book called the Race. IT is a story about a boy who grows up in southern Utah and grows up to race in the tour de france. I think between that and the new road bike she has been having fun. The bike still need some work I did get shifters and now just need a cassette and maybe a rear derailer. For now it works yea she has to take her hands off the bars to shift but she is getting it all down.. Now longer miles.. The boy rode his fixed gear trike up and down hills yesterday for over 3 miles only one scare when he took his feet off the pedals and started going to fast. We should get his new two wheeler today Trek . This will get him moving and according to coach c-ball he might loose the training this summer.. We'll see about that.. Warmer days and a short road TT tonight we'll wee if things click...

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