Saturday, May 12, 2007

Say it ain't so

Another day and another bike shop has offered me a job this is the local one near by the house. Kevin sells mostly steel bikes and singles and fixies etc.... Cool shop small and right now the owner is the only guy there. My wife wants me to try to find something that might pay more but I left that in Breckenridge. Speaking about bikes I had a good ride on the single this morning but I think that the spacers in my Xtype cranks are blown so going to have to get that fixed and I have put a crack in the Wily in the chain stay right behind the bottom bracket.. It is in a wield where the chain stay and the cross brace come together.. This is a problem that I'll have to get fixed.. But I can't be out of a bike and I don't have a ton of bucks right now.. AHHHHHH SHIT!!

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